REO property and Foreclosure property differences.

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When somebody is going to buy a house, the obvious question may appear: what is the difference between foreclosure home and REO property? Property can appear on the real estate market in different ways, but the article below will explain the main characteristics, which make difference between foreclosure property and REO property. The first thing to understand is that REO house is actually a foreclosure house. It may sound somehow strange in the beginning, but let’s look through the whole process of REO appearance. When house owner is not able to do payments to cover his mortgage loan, the house appears in foreclosure list. On this stage of process the foreclosure auction is held, so everybody can attend it and buy a property offered. But if there are no buyers for house, the financial institution (bank) becomes owner of it, and after it happens foreclosure becomes REO property.

The banks list During the auction the house is considered to be a foreclosure, so if you buy it, you become the owner of foreclosure house. So what is the main difference between these two terms? As you act as a homebuyer you need, that the main feature, that differs REO property from foreclosure is the responsibility you take as an owner of a house. REO house is clear and free. When the property goes back to the bank after being not sold on the foreclosure auction, bank takes the house and all debts, tax liens, fees and all other payments, connected with this property. This is the reason banks are not enthusiastic about keeping REO property, it may lead to substantial expenses. In some cases bank is not able even to cover its losses, because when it was bought, {the price of deal was&it cost&the value was&value of a deal was) much higher, then average one, then house acts as a security in mortgage loan. In this case even if bank will sell the house on the highest price possible, it will be very complicated to get money enough to cover the losses from this operation.

The best solution for bank is to sell the foreclosure during auction, then homebuyer gets it as-is. In this case buyer takes responsibility over all payments connected with property, but not financial institution as it happens with REO. Some people buying house on the foreclosure auction think, that it was great deal for them. Of course it may be, but as a rule expenses are much higher, then profit from this operation. So finally buyer may overpay for auction house, and it is much safer to buy house on the market, to have "clean" property without additional expenditure.

For individual investors it is much easier and safer to buy REO house, then foreclosure. Foreclosure auctions are risky, so it is better to leave it for professional real estate investors. They know for sure which deal can be profitable and which doesn’t, though even specialists can make losses.

REO property and Foreclosure property differences. - Latest Properties

How to Find Foreclosures

It is not complicated task to find a foreclosure. One has to keep in mind only one detail, that situation is different on different types of market. To give an example, strong and developing real estate market will offer much less foreclosures then falling markets, which are characterized with depression. There is one nice way to find a REO home. Imagine, that you are driving your car throughout the district you want to have house in. You will probably see numerous signs, but now we are looking for simple text, such as: Foreclosure, Bank-Owned, Bank Repo.

Don’t pass this sign by, take a cell phone a call on agent, ask him about the foreclosure list which haven’t appeared on the market yet. It is common situation that foreclosure agents wait for a some time until bank set the price level. So asking for not listed foreclosures will bring you several steps forward. The task becomes even easier if you have hired an agent, so he will find for you all the information needed.

Nowadays foreclosure listings are available even through internet, you can find them on special websites. Below you will find a list of national lenders who offer REO property listings.

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